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Soprano was built by the creator first and is committed to your success. Whether you’re an artist, business industry thought leader, gamer, fitness coach, course creator, gamer, or film creator.

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Creative Brands are built off of the back of teams and should have the tools to make the brand a priority. Soprano gives your team permission based access so you can work as a team on the platform.

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Represent a brand or creative? Soprano gives your company to monetize your brands and build deeper connections with their fans like never before.

Streaming Services Could Never...

Streaming companies charge their users $10-15 a month and pay you pennies per stream.

Soprano gives you your own platform where you set the prices, you get total creative freedom, and collect all your earnings.

No need to pitch a show, wait for a contract, or sign a deal. You're in control to make your vision a reality and get paid for it right away without sacrificing creativity, boosting fan engagement, and building brand longevity.


Deeper level

Your fans want to connect with you on a personal level, support your career, and consume content at scale.

Soprano allows you to distribute your content across all platforms with your own branded applications across Web, iOS, & Android and monetize instantly with subscriptions and exclusive in-app shopping.

Less is more

You don’t need millions of streams to make a few thousand on Soprano. Soprano allows your hundreds of fans to make your brand millions of dollars and be more engaged with your brand than ever before.

Soprano allows you to try new ideas and get paid for them instantly. Monthly subscription gives you a predictable and reliable income stream for your content.


Creators Engage and Monetize

Soprano allows you to have a one on one relationship with fans. From seamless uploading, streaming, and distribution of high definition videos to your fans to subscriptions that will fund your content creation to the ability to sell merchandise directly on your app.

Soprano gives you the power to compete with Netflix and Shopify all in one without having to spend millions of dollars in development on code.


Your Own Streaming Platform. Exclusively For Your Fans.


Video Streaming and In App Shopping For Your Merchandise


Distribute Your Branded App’s Across iOS, Android, Web, Roku, Fire App, and Apple TV


Unlimited HD Video Streaming and Hosting


Unlimited Subscribers


Free Trials


Secure Payment Processing


AI Powered Audience Analytics


Revenue Reports


Data Exporting


Tiered Subscriptions


Team Accounts


Role Based Access

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